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Zweifel Allgemeine

Zweifel allgemeine Zeitung was published on the 60,th anniversary fo the end of the WWII. Out of 350 collected headlines in German paper in the periode between jan -mai 2005 consisting the ZWEIFEl in the tittle, 24 authentic random titles was chosen to be printed as ZWEIFEL ALLGEMEINE. The first edition was of 5000 papers.

There was a large number of official ceremonies, the german Kanzler and the president Köhler put flowers on the Neue Wache, memorial of the war,

All the newspapers and TV station had LIVE programs from the different event, concerts and public speaches. Spiegel presented their special issue about a nation in search of itself.

800 neo-naziz tried to march from Alexanderplatz towards Unter den Linden, … 4000 antiracists tried to stop them,..2000 policemen from the special force tried to seperat them. And then in the middle of the chaos 600 of the demontrants broke in to the Palast des Zweifels and climbed up on the roof in protest.

This was the last day before the leter was taken down and put into storage.